BEING: Mike Tyson

Captured in an intimate and immersive fashion, BEING: Mike Tyson offers viewers a cinematic and private look at the former heavyweight champ. Unlike any portrait that has ever before been captured, BEING: Mike Tyson is not a look back, but instead, a look inward.

As Mike focuses on a life away from boxing, he is looking past his reputation as the “most dangerous man on the planet” and wanting to shed his “Iron Mike” persona. He travels the country on a national tour of his one-man stage show encountering memories from his past that cause deep reflection as he seeks personal closure. Whether visiting the prison in Indianapolis where he served 3 years for rape, spending time with his one-time rival Evander Holyfield, meeting with Muhammad Ali, visiting his old neighborhood in Brooklyn or the Catskills or simply spending time with his 6 children, we see first hand what Mike encounters and his very personal emotions as he goes through this personal journey. This intimate examination shows Mike re-connecting with the public who has both loved and vilified him in the past, his family and himself as he exorcises his own inner demons and allows audiences to view this truly unique experience through his own lens.

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